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Wondering the Value

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Had this for a couple years never fired it wondering what its worth. To damn pretty for me to fire or start changing things on maybe thinking of selling it so just wondering a value

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About $250 in 100% condition
if thats the case, I will give you CASH for it tomorrow.
About $250 in 100% condition
Guess its staying in the closet lol
Guess its staying in the closet lol
Shoot it, you won't wear it out.
He must be selling 2 shotguns a Mod 1200 police stainless and a mod 1300 defender stainless coastal marine? All I see is an overpriced scratched up 1200
Thats alot prettier than the remington marine magnum I had or a mossberg mariner. I would keep it! I have never seen these around.
It looks great. I guess the value would be what someone is willing to pay for it. Forget about what people are asking on gunbroker, look at what they sold for there. Right now is a bad time to sell any guns. Unless you are hurting for money, you should hold on to it for a few years. You should not shoot it though as it will have a greater value unshot. Good luck.
awesome lookin' firearm you have there!
I've been wanting one.... looking through my old catalogs I saw a couple different models. Do you know the year of mfg.? or could you tell me the serial # range?
Nice gun! I'll shoot it if you don't want to!!
Thats a beautiful gun!!!!Never seen any in stainless before.....
In Gun Traders Guide 32nd edition It lists two, one with a bright chrome finish (yours) and the other with a matte finish. NIB $315, excellent $232 and good $125. It is worth more than that as you seen but I would keep that shotgun and would never sell it. My prediction is it will be worth more down the road.

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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