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Me personaly. I just started prepping to purchase my first gun about a year ago. At first I wanted a Benelli m4 super90 but then I watched Gran Torino and was introduced to the M1 Garand and thats when my intrest in rifles began especially since I could relate with my father having a M1 Carbine for a long time now.

After awhile I went through a bit of a AR phase but relized that with what it would cost to put together a reliable, well built AR, I could purchase a M1-A that has better accuracy over distance, more stopping power over distance, can withstand abuse (although I baby it), is super reliable and easy to take care of. Plus I love the walnut stock and semi auto is the tits.

Eventually I will build a AR but for now, for my first line of defence, I wanted the old school Springfield M1-A.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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