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Where is the love for a Taurus?

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I feel a little rant coming on. Well, I talk a lot about guns to anyone that knows me well, and My handgun collection is somewhat diverse, and eclectic to a point. However whenever I research anything about a particular caliber, I see a lot of hate toward Taurus as a general consensus. I have 6 Taurus's, right now, and I hear a lot of anger to the whole "cheap pice of pewp" variety. They work, they fire, they don't jam, and they have a warranty based on the gun, not the owner. Having said that not a lot of pistol makers back warranties like that (There are several I know). As for cost, that is something that made me partial to them in the first place. I do admit that there are glocks in my future, as well as a few others. It just ticks me off with overall opinions sometimes.

Thanks for letting me rant
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Send one of your guns back for warranty service and let us know how you make out with that. See you in 9 months.
i agree, i had a taurus pt24/7 in .40 and it was a great gun. i have also have a glock 22 in .40 and was able to compare them side by side for some time. I would have trusted my life on the taurus no doubt, just as much as I do in the glock.
I personally ended up trading the taurus in for a m&p shield because i didn't need two guns that were essentially so similar and wanted the shiled. and well, i have more glock mags, and prebans are available. but it was still hard to let that gun go, it was a great shooter.

i'll own another taurus eventually, for sure.
Send one of your guns back for warranty service and let us know how you make out with that. See you in 9 months.
this certainly can be a problem! and it does need to be taken into consideration as well.
Luckily i never had to deal with their service.
I have in the past owned three taurus handguns, the 607, 608 and the Beretta look alike in .40 S&W. The 607 and 608 had trigger pull and timing issues and I got rid of all of them before my headaches became greater than they were. I will never own anouther Taurus made weapon again.
I'll never buy a Taurus again after my wife's 24/7 pro 9mm. Horrible trigger and actually had trigger slap worse than a Wasr10. I have never heard of a handgun that had trigger slap, it stung your finger to shoot it. There was also the problem of parts flying off and hitting you in the face while firing it.
wow, those are certainly crappy experiences that would have tainted my opinion as well!
I have a Taurus Revolver and a Smith. Both 357. The Taurus is a bit stiffer in DA but equally as smooth in SA. The Taurus is the more accurate of the two. Hope it doesn't develop any issues.
Send one of your guns back for warranty service and let us know how you make out with that. See you in 9 months.
I hope that they don't break, I'm about 5K rounds through them total, and no problems so far

Thankfully I've had no trigger slap/ blowing up in my face type problems, but now I am looking a little more at the 24/7 with a jaundice eye
I had a PT145. I put over 1k through it. 100% reliable. Went bang every time. I still traded it for a G27 thought!
I have a Taurus PT92 that I love. It's a great gun with zero issues after about 600 rounds now. I think there are some models that are better than others from what I've read. Their revolvers seem solid, but it seems some of their semi auto designs have more issues.

I'll very likely buy another Taurus, there's a few on my wish list.
Thankfully I've had no trigger slap/ blowing up in my face type problems, but now I am looking a little more at the 24/7 with a jaundice eye
The dust cover on the back of the slide kept flying off. We kept putting it back on until it broke. Soon thereafter the small bits in the slide, like firing pin safety, spring, and finally the firing pin started coming out the back until the gun ceased to work. She got probably around 300rds through it until lit completely self destructed. It went back to the shop where we bought it and let them deal with it. We took a loss but used the credit to buy a Bersa Thunder 380 and have been happy since.
wow, i put 300 rounds per day through my 24/7 (a few times : ) and never had any problems at all.

that sucks. but glad the bersa is now the ticket for her!
damn I have 2 24/7's...OSS's, I've shot lots through them with no you have me scared.....just a little bit
Love my PT709, right now its the gun I carry most often. Had a Model 65 I carried more than I shot, no issues with that either, lock work was exceptionally tight on it.
Well with the addition of Jessie Harrison (now Duff) they have improved slightly.......but only because she is in the commercials.
I've been really looking at a PT1911 for the g/f for her first 1911. It seems to be well built and reasonably priced.

At the end of the day, it seems the Taurus brand is just like any other brand for anything out there, ya know? Ford vs Chevy, Nissan vs Honda vs Toyota, etc... No matter what brand you like, there will be people out there that have problems w/ their similar X from said brand and will complain.

Whaddya gonna do?
Coming at this from a bit of a different angle than most.

I have never seen more of one brand gun come back in need of repair than Taurus.

It is bad, really bad. My first week at the current shop 3 millennium pistols had to be sent back due to massive failure. All three with the same problem the lugs broke off the barrel and the slide got tangled up with the barrel 100% inoperable failure.

You could add up the broken guns from glock, m&p's, ruger and fn and they still would not come close to the number of Taurus failures. This is just one shop....,
I have one. A PT1911. No complaints. It goes bang every time I pull the trigger, eats everything I feed it and groups aren't bad. Its no STI, but it was also less than half the price.

I don't mind keltec's either.
We have an 85 Ultralight in .38 Special. Had it several years and it has been shot quite a bit. Never had a problem and it shoots really accurately for a snub nosed revolver. Never owned one of their autoloaders so can't comment on them.
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