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Want to pick up a 12 GA semi-automatic shotgun. Based in NYC so limited to 5+1. Can't have pistol grip or collapsible stock. Want it for self defense but it is also important that it be fun at range and may be able to be used for things like clays etc, but not a dedicated sport gun. Don't really do any hunting. Would like something that will take a wide range of ammo and decent recoil mitigation.

Looking at:

Benelli M4
1301 tactical
1301 comp pro
Benelli M2
A400 Extreme

I heard the m2 runs cleaner than the others. Which ones have least amount of recoil. I know the m4 is likely the heaviest. I don't think I would be adding an optic. Want something that will last a lifetime and is ultra reliable.
I own a Remington 1187 Police Magnum. It holds 10 rounds but I'm sure you can find a spacer. I changed the buttpad and can fire 10 rounds in less than 10 seconds. Should be enough firepower for most of NYC neighborhoods ;)
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