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What PA counties give permits on the spot?

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I have a Centre county permit and it will be up for renewal this winter. Now that I have to appear in person, is there a county I can go to and get a permit on the spot? It's not worth 2 trips down there.

Also, if I go to another county other than Centre, will it be considered a renewal or a new permit?
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Not sure about whether it's considered a renewal or not but give them a call to check.

McKean County Sheriff
I believe a new county would be considered a new LTCF, but don't hold me to that, I am definitely unsure.

Note that only one trip is necessary, they will send the LTCF to you.
From what I was told in Towanda, no county can issue via mail any more. It all has to be done in person. That's the way the law was originally written but never really enforced until recently.

For a renewal...hmmm....lemme know what you find out. Mine's due this year too
18 Pa.C.S. § 6109 (Licenses) is the applicable statute. Section (e)(4) was added via act 66, 2005 (2005-66) and was slated to take effect "upon publication of the notice under 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6109(h)(2) or five years and 60 days [Jan. 10, 2011], whichever is first."

The text of (e)(4) is as follows:
The sheriff shall require a photograph of the licensee on the license. The photograph shall be in a form compatible with the Commonwealth Photo Imaging Network.
This is the part that caused the counties to require in-person application, since they had (and have) not figured out how to satisfy the second sentence of that section aside from using their own image capture system. From the Centre County website:

License to Carry Firearms Applications Via Mail Discontinued as of March 31, 2011

As the result of requirements of Act 66, 2005, applicants must have their photo and signature captured electronically into our system. At this time there is no manner to complete these requirements without the personal appearance of the applicant.

Therefore we will not be able to process any mailed applications received after March 31, 2011.
For some reason that I can not determine, (e)(4) did not take effect until March 31st, 2011. I seem to remember some counties protesting the change, maybe the state gave them an extra couple of months to comply.

So, again, there is no law prohibiting both application and issuance of an LTCF by mail, but they have not established a way to comply with §6109 (e)(4) that doesn't involve in-person appearance. Many counties will have no problem mailing the license to you once you have applied in person.
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I got my first LTCF from Warren County. That required two trips. When it came up for renew I picked a sunny day last summer and rode down to McKean county who issued on the spot. That was a little less then a year ago.
The best part is when you pass cars with NY plates open carrying with no helmet and a NY plate on the bike.
I don't mind appearing to get my photo taken. I just don't want to have to drive back a second time to pick up the license. If they can mail it or issue it on the spot I will renew.
Berks county renewed mine 2 yrs after moving to NY. I drove down there, they took picture and changed my address from PA to NY and gave me new license in about 15 minutes.
Check this out...this Sheriff interprets the law that only full/unrestricted permitees in other states (like ours) can get a non-res permit.

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Did that person have some sort of restriction listed, or sportsman/residence labeling? Or were they a NYC resident?
hiking/sportsman. they are not NYC.
My friend tried in Pike County and was denied the application because he is restricted. He stated that my license is business which is 24 hours. The secretary said that now that it is a requirement to show in person, many are showing up here. The secretary said"not pointing to a certain county which gave them out without checking the references, you are putting yourself in a huge legal mess if stopped by a LEO with the non resident LTC and you have a restricted home license". Sad that the law is like Michigan.
For the sake of asking: I wonder how something like that would work out with a renewal rather than an initial application?
EG: someone has already done their initial application and met the requirements years ago, have an active non~expired PA NR CCW in hand, and just need to fulfill the fingerprint and photo for renewal.

(or did I somehow miss that already being answered above?)
McKean is great, and nice people. 15 minutes tops, ten of which is talking about the weather.
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