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+1 on the Vortex Strikefire. I got one a couple weeks ago, and so far I love it. Very accurate out to 100 yards (I haven't been beyond that), easy to zero, and holds the zero well, even through a couple bangs and bumps I've given it. I would, however, agree with some other reviews I've seen that say it's not 'operator' level equipment. I don't know about banging and bumping it around in Iraq or any LE applications. But to just have on a sporter rifle, it's well worth it. It's also nice to have it come with a mount, since I believe the Aimpoints do not; and the mount is rather nice. Maybe not a LaRue Tactical style mount, but nice enough for the application. It's also parallax free past 50 yards, but very definitely not at less than that. I usually get around 2" groups shooting from a rest at 50 yards.

The dot may be a touch big for some people; it's a 4 MOA, vs a 2 MOA. So once you get out to 100+ yards, it might cover a lot of the target. I personally don't have a problem with, just FYI. It also co-witnesses perfectly with front fixed sights on an AR, just be sure to get the high mount. It also lacks the bluish or greenish tint some red dots scopes have; it has a nice, clear sight picture. I also have not had any of the issues with the NV mode some users have reported, nor with having the scope be easily turned on. The on/off switch is on the side of the scope, where it could be bumped, but I have a fairly snug gun case I use, and it's never been turned on in transit.

It also includes a 2x mount, but I haven't even tried it, since it feels a touch on the gimmicky side; like it was included for the sake of having it.

The EOTechs and Aimpoints are nice, but you're going to have to hunt for one under $300. Sometimes a used, last-gen Aimpoint surfaces on eBay for a steal, but it's rare.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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