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brace yourself for an overly thorough answer since i'm bored on a saturday night again...i always have my surefire e2d led defender, latest issue of 'american rifleman' in order to read advertisements disguised as unbiased reviews, current novel on which i'm stuck along with accompanying highlighter, alarm clock i loathe as much as this state's gun laws, lamp ("i love lamp"), and a candle in case i wanna set the mood for whatever unfortunate lady i somehow seduce for the evening.

i don't like leaving handguns laying around outside the safe when i'm not home so there is no designated nightstand gun. it's usually whatever i'm carrying that particular day; inconsistent and arguably un-tactical (hence the moniker), but a pistol's main purpose in the home is to fight your way to your shotgun anyway. my mossberg 590 (with light/laser that i paid too much for by not waiting for the sportsman's guide clone, shell holder sling with various extra exotic loads in case i want to roast and/or play hacky-sack with hypothetical intruder, and m6 bayonet for close encounters of the highly unlikely kind) is within lunging distance so whatever handgun is by my bed is more for fondling late at night than anything else.
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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