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What do these mean, and what's the difference in them? I've googled the terms, but I don't understand the meaning/difference aside from what a full metal jacket is

223 cal

223 REM 55gr FMJBT 3050 fps - Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail

223 Rem 52gr BTHP 3050 fps - Boat Tail Hollow Point

223 Rem 55gr PSP 3050 fps

223 Rem 55 gr V-Max 3050 fps

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I know PSP is pointed soft point. V-Max is Hornady's ammo. I think it has a ballistic tip on it. The others, no idea.

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to clarify - what does boat tail mean?

what does psp stand for, and what does it mean/do, etc -- that was answered above already though

ultimately, my buddy was looking at ammo for target shooting, and i didn't see plain ol "fmj" there were all these options, we didn't know what they meant or what they do

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223 REM 55gr FMJBT 3050 fps - Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail - That is a jacket that goes around encapsulating the bullet leaving the open core in the back. the boat tail is tapered like a sail boat int he back so it a more 'aerodynamic' bullet.

223 Rem 52gr BTHP 3050 fps - Boat Tail Hollow Point,.... this is the same design in the back but the lead is swaged from the top ending with a little hollow cavity and space at the point. So the base is solid copper with that hollow point and in the tip you can still see the little needled size hole in the tip.

223 Rem 55gr PSP 3050 fps These are Soft Points. Similar than the hollow point but the copper cup is shorter and swaged with the lead coming ouside showing a little lead tip. These expand very well even at moderate to low impact velocities. Some are bonded so the lead and jacket stay together. This can be boat tail too. In .223 most are flat base.

223 Rem 55 gr V-Max 3050 fps[/QUOTE] Vmax is a brand from Hornady. It is like a softtpoint but instead of lead in the tip you have a polisher tip. this tip is also good to initiate expansion but the advantage is that it is very uniform, doesn't deform upon loading from magazine and also more aerodynamic. This also has a nice boat tail in the higher grain ones in every caliber they are available.

Makes sense?

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Yep, v-max has a red pointed polymer tip on it.
Unless it had a green plastic tip, in which case, it becomes ZOMBIE-MAX! :eek:oh:

Also, when looking at the velocity, make sure to get barrel length.

Sometimes manufacturers will "cheat" by shooting rounds out of a 18"-20" barrel. If you're using a 16 or 14.5" barrel, you're not going to get the same stats.

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I found this a few months ago and it helps. a lot of duplicates though
Bullet abbreviations
2F - 2-part Controlled FragmentingGS - Remington Golden SaberPnPT - Pneumatic Point
ACC - Remington Accelerator [SUP][5][/SUP] (see sabot)GSC - GS Custom Turned Copper BulletsPPL - Paper patched lead
ACP - Automatic Colt PistolHBWC - Hollow Base WadcutterPSP - Plated Soft Point
AE - Action ExpressHC - Hard CastPSP, PTDSP - Pointed Soft Point
AGS - African Grand Slam (Speer)HE-IT - High Explosive Incendiary TracerRN - Round Nose
AP - Armor Piercing (has a steel or other hard metal core)HP - Hollow PointRNFP - Round Nose Flat Point
APT - Armor-piercing tracerHPBT - Hollow Point Boat TailRNL - Round Nosed Lead
API - Armor-piercing incendiaryHPJ - High Performance JacketedSJ - Semi-Jacketed
APFSDS - Armor-piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot roundHS - Federal Hydra-ShokSJHP - Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
B - BallHST - Federal Hi-Shok TwoSJSP - Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
B2F - Brass 2-part Fragmenting [6]HV - Low friction Drive Band Bullets High VelocitySP - Soft Point
BBWC - Bevel Base WadcutterID-Classic - RWS fragmentation bullet, ex-TIG after Brenneke-license was not renewed.[SUP][9][/SUP]SP - Spire Point
BEB - Brass Enclosed BaseI-T - Incendiary-TracerSp, SPTZ - Spitzer
BJHP - Brass Jacketed Hollow Point'IB - Interbond (Hornady)SPC - Special Purpose Cartridge
Blitz - Sierra BlitzKingJ - JacketedSpHP - Spitzer Hollow Point
BMG - Browning Machine GunJAP - Jacketed Aluminium PointSST - Hornady Super Shock Tip
BrPT - Bronze PointJFP - Jacketed Flat PointSSp - Semi-Spitzer
Bt - Boat-tailJHC - Jacketed Hollow CavityST - Silver Tip
BtHP - Boat-tail Hollow PointJHP - Jacketed Hollow PointSTHP - Silver Tip Hollow Point
C2F - Civilian 2-part Fragmenting [7]JHP/sabot - Jacketed Hollow Point/sabotSWC - Semiwadcutter
CB - Cast BulletJSP - Jacketed Soft PointSX - Super Explosive
CL, C-L - Remington Core-LoktL - LeadSXT - Winchester Ranger Supreme Expansion Technology
CN - CupronicknelL-C - Lead CombatT - Tracer
CNCS - Cupronickel-Clad SteelL-T - Lead TargetTAG - Brenneke lead-free bullet
CTFB - Closed Tip Flat BaseLFN - Long Flat NoseTBBC - Carter/Speer Trophy Bonded Bear Claw soft point
DBBWC - Double bevel based wadcutterLFP - Lead Flat PointTBSS - Carter/Speer Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid
DEWC - Double Ended WadcutterLHP - Lead Hollow PointTC - Truncated Cone
DGS - Dangerous Game Solid (Hornady)LRN - Lead Round NoseTHV - Terminal High Velocity
DGX - Dangerous Game Expanding (Hornady)LSWC - Lead SemiwadcutterTIG - Brenneke fragmentation bullet
DU - Depleted UraniumLSWC-GC - Lead Semiwadcutter Gas CheckedTMJ - Total Metal Jacket
EVO, FTX - Hornady LEVERevolution Flex Tip eXpandingLWC - Lead WadcutterTNT - Speer TNT
EVO - RWS Evolution bullet [SUP][8][/SUP]LTC - Lead Truncated ConeTUG - Brenneke deformation bullet
FMC - Full Metal CaseMC - Metal CasedTOG - Brenneke deformation bullet
FMJ - Full Metal JacketMHP - Match Hollow PointUmbPT - Umbrella Point
FMJBT - Full Metal Jacket Boat-TailMK - Sierra MatchKingUNI-Classic - RWS deformation bullet,
FN - Dangerous Game Solid Bullets Flat NoseMRWC - Mid-Range WadcutterVMAX - Hornady V-Max
FP - Flat PointMP - Metal Point (only the tip of the bullet is covered)VLD - Very Low Drag
FP - Full PatchNP - Nosler PartitionWC - Wadcutter
FST - Winchester Fail Safe TalonOTM - Open Tip MatchWFN - Wide Flat Nose
GC - Gas CheckOWC - Ogival Wadcutter [SUP][10][/SUP]WFNGC - Wide Flat Nose Gas Check
GD - Speer Gold DotP - Pracitce, proofWLN - Wide Long Nose
GDHP - Speer Gold Dot Hollow PointPB - Lead BulletX - Barnes X-Bullet
GM - Gilding MetalPB - ParabellumXTP - Hornady Extreme Terminal Performance
GMCS - Gilding Metal-Clad SteelPL - Remington Power-Lokt

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Wow that didn't paste like I Maybe one of the Mods could fix it so it looks better.
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