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I have been shooting 1911 for a long time. I enjoyed working on them to get the trigger I wanted the pull weight and all of the other functions to work on..
I have a lot of 45ACP ammunition loaded (5000+) They are mixed between 200grain LSWC, 185 grain Berry HBRN and 200 grain bevel base FM.
I have a friend that I talk to 4 or 5 times a year. He has a busy life. He travels all over New York to work in the operating room as a registered nurse. If you were to see him you would never guess he is a nurse. He is in good shape but is in the 280 pound plus range.
We went to college together and he was my best man at my wedding. Needless to say we are close.
We has done a lot f deer hunting over the years and he always carry a pistol. I know he is a good shot with the pistol and always gave him credit for trying.
He has a 45ACP revolver that he shoots quite often the same with all of his 38 Specials and 357 Mag He worked security and has a permit where the gun does not need to be conceal.
He is the person that got me into the 625JM 45ACP revolver. I love this gun.I bought it over 4th of July week. I also bought a 686-6 deluxe in a 6 inch barrel with a 7 round cylinder. I must have close to 600 rounds through it. I am still coming up with my target load. I tried 230 grain FMJ and with the hot loads of 5.3 grains of Bullseye I got a lot fouling in the first third of the barre, I had a good tight crimp on the bullet. I did not see any bullet push when I was shooting. FMJ are not an economical load for shooting paper.
I shot 200 rounds of 200 grain LSWC and the grouping looked great. at 20 yards.
I found 2 boxes of Berry's 185 grain HBRN bullets (1000). I just found the load data for the berry bullet in 45ACP. Does 3.9 grains of Bullseye sound right? It looks Like I made them the same as my LSWC for the B.E. league.
Let me know
Thanks a lot
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