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I no longer play so I'm trying to sell my Warhammer 40k army. Comes with the new Astra Militarum codex that I used once and the old codex that is pretty beat up. Includes 100-120 guardsmen with standard and special weapons, 6 heavy weapons teams, 1 sentinel, 2 Leman Russ tanks, 2 Chimera APCs, a Valkyrie flyer, as well as a billion bits. All models are in varying stages of paint and fully assembled. naturally there are some pieces that will need to be reglued. I am motivated to sell $250 or best offer. Text me for the quickest response (315-395-5150) and if you want some grainy cell phone pictures. I am in North Syracuse but I can meet at Cicero Walmart or Wegmans. Only trade I'd consider is a Mosin Nagant and $50. I will not ship.

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