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Dear Voters:

Election Day is today, Tuesday November 5, 2013, polls open from 6am-9pm.

Below is an updated list of the fine candidates I am actively supporting in key races today. Also included are my positions on the two most controversial ballot initiatives. To find your polling location in Dutchess County, click here. If you have any questions, need a ride to the polls or experience any problems at the polls, call my cell phone at 845.616.3509.


Kieran Lalor


Dutchess County

Judge Joe Egitto (R) for Dutchess County Family Court Judge

I am supporting Judge Joe Egitto, for Family Court Judge. Judge Egitto has the guts to always stand up for what is right. For voters who vote for the person not the party, Judge Egitto is the candidate for Dutchess County Family Court Judge.

Judge Egitto is also the candidate for those of us who believe experience counts. Judge Egitto is the town justice in LaGrange, where he routinely presides over cases involving domestic violence and youthful offenders. Judge Egitto has over 27 years of experience litigating cases.

My wife and I are raising our four young children here in Dutchess County. Our family trusts Judge Egitto to be our Family Court Judge. You can trust Judge Egitto to be your Family Court Judge.

Judicial elections matter. Having the right Family Court Judge can make all the difference in the lives of children and families. When you go out and vote on Tuesday in local races make sure to vote in the judicial races too.

Find Judge Joe Egitto on Facebook here.

Dutchess County Legislator

Joe Incoronato (R) for County Legislator in District 15 (Wappinger)

When I started running for the Assembly I was an outsider taking on the establishment. The very first elected official to go out on a limb and support my campaign was County Legislator Joe Incoronato. Joe was a very helpful supporter through a tough primary and in the general election. Now Joe is up for reelection. Joe has been a tireless watchdog for the taxpayer and co-sponsored the Dutchess County Legislature’s Repeal the SAFE Act resolution. I hope all of my friends in Wappingers who live in the 14th Legislative District, get out on Tuesday Nov 5th and vote to reelect my friend Joe Incoronato as County Legislator. Lean more about Joe here.

You may be able to see if you live in the the 15th Legislative District by looking at this map. Basically Joe's district covers the Eastern and Western parts of Wappinger and along the Fishkill border. He does not cover my old neighborhood in central Wappinger.

John Foreman (R) for Dutchess County Legislator in District 18 (Beacon / Fishkill)

John Foreman is good legislator who stands up for the taxpayer. John is a Lourdes grad (he graduated w/ my brother Danny) and works in the insurance industry. He has been a vocal and visible opponent of the SAFE ACT and a defender of the taxpayer.

Check out John Foreman’s Facebook page here.

You may be able to see if you live in the 18th Legislative District by looking at this map. John Foreman’s district covers parts of Beacon and parts of Fishkill.

Alan Surman (R) for County Legislator District 24 (Dover/Union Vale).

As an engineer, Alan Surman brings a wealth of knowledge about the logistics of development and county operations. He is also a friend of the taxpayer.

You may be able to see if you live in the 24th Legislative District by looking at this map.

Alex Czarniecki (R) for County Legislator District 14 (Wappinger)

Alex is a Navy veteran and retired IBM engineer. I went door to door with Alex earlier this fall and he “gets it” as far as reducing spending to make government more efficient. Most importantly, he has the expertise and experience to get good results.

You may be able to see if you live in the 14th Legislative District by looking at this map. Basically Alex's district covers the central part of Dutchess including my old neighborhood near Myers Corners, Edge Hill, All Angels, Old Hopewell Rd and all the way out to Quiet Acres.

Town of Wappinger

Mike Kuzmicz (R) for Town of Wappinger Council – 4th Ward.

Mike Kuzmicz is one of the smartest and best educated officials in the area. He is a lawyer and a banker who brings a wealth of private sector experience to the job. Currently he is a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase Bank with significant background in Finance. A former prosecuter, he is also a member of the Elks and Knights of Columbus.

Learn more about Mike Kuzmicz here.


Barbara Zulauf (R) for Town Supervisor

Barbara Zulauf has a great deal of experience as a Town Board Member. She also brings with her an abundance of common sense, work ethic and a genuine love for the town of Beekman. Zulauf will work with the entire Town Board to manage the Town of Beekman. After all, the people of Beekman elect a 5 member board, carefully selected by the voters and given the responsibility of managing the Town of Beekman. Her opponent, Paul Curran, as per his campaign materials, will hire a Town Manager. This will remove himself from direct responsibility and place the Town of Beekman in the hands of an appointed bureaucrat, not selected and elected by the good people of Beekman. Managing our town is the responsibility of the Supervisor and the Town Board. Barbara Zulauf will accept this responsibility and represent the residents of Beekman to the fullest.

Learn more here.

Beekman Town Board

Michael Del Vecchio (R) for Beekman Town Board.

Michael Del Vecchio (R) is a graduate of Arlington High School, Marist College and Pace Law. He wants to ensure a bright future by avoiding irresponsible spending and reckless decision-making . His goal is to continue to keep Beekman a great and affordable place to live.

Learn more here.

Ezio Battaglini (R) for Beekman Town Board.

Ezio Battagline is a business owner and volunteer fireman he wants to focus on issues like promoting the growth of the Town Center as well as reducing spending and taxation.

Learn more here.


Kaye Surman (R) for Dover Town Board.

Kaye Surman is as independent minded as they come and she is a defender of the taxpayer. She is the president of the Poughkeepsie Women's Republican Club of Dutchess County and the Chairwoman of the Dover GOP.

For more info click here.

East Fishkill

Emanuele Marniaro (R) for East Fishkill Town Board

Manny the Pizza Guy all the way! I believe in loyalty to good people not blind loyalty to a party line. Emanuele Marinaro is a good man and he will be a great town Councilman. He is a registered Republican running on the Conservative line.

Learn More Here.

Union Vale

Steve Frazier (R) for Union Vale Town Board. If you live in the beautiful town of Union Vale you have an outstanding Councilman in Steve Frazier. Steve was the driving force behind the Union Vale town board passing a resolution calling for the repeal of the SAFE Act. He went door to door with me in Union Vale last year when I was running. Now Steve is running for reelection. He will do a great job!

For more info click here.

Orange County

Orange County Executive: I am supporting my friend and fellow veteran Steve Neuhaus (R) for Orange County Executive. Steve has done a great job as Town Supervisor in Chester and I am confident he will be a fine County Executive.

Orange County Clerk: My friend and colleague Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt (R) would make a great County Clerk. She is smart, down-to-earth and a tireless worker.

Westchester County

Westcheser County Executive: Rob Astorino (R) has done good work making Westchester more affordable. Another four years of reforms will make a big difference in the lives of taxpayers throughout the county.

John Testa (R) for Westchester County Legislature - District 1 My old friend John Testa is running for reelection to the Westchester County Legislature in District 1 which includes Peekskill, Cortlandt and Yorktown. John is a retired educator, the former mayor of Peekskill and a stand-up guy. For more info visit here:

Liam McLaughlin (R) for Yonkers City Council President - I met Liam in 2006 while working to defeat Hillary Clinton's reelection campaign. Liam served for ten years on the Yonkers City Council in leadership roles as Majority and Minority Leader. For more information click here.

Supreme Court Judges

I am supporting 3 candidates for Supreme Court:

Judge Christie Derrico (R)-For more info click here.

Judge Mark Dillon (R) - For more info click here.

Judge Dan Angiolillo (R) - For more info click here.

Note all 3 Supreme Court candidates are running in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange Counties

Ballot Propositions (will be found on the back of the ballot)

Proposition 1 - Authorizing Casino Gaming

I oppose Proposition 1 Authorizing Casino Gaming because it allows the government to pick winners and losers. I don’t oppose gambling in general, but casino gambling has not proven to be a great economic development tool. Atlantic City and other casino-centric towns are struggling. The proponents of this proposition have mislead voters on the total economic impact of the casinos.

Proposition 6 - Increasing Age until which Certain State Judges Can Serve

I oppose Proposition 6 Increasing Age until which Certain State Judges Can Serve because it only increases the age for Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges. County Court Judges and Family Court Judges will still have to leave the bench at age 70, thereby arbitrarily depriving us of decades of judicial experience.

For more on ballot proposals click here.
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