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Looking for a 300win mag on up, ideally a 375 H&H or 338 win mag would be ideal. fires 200gr+ bullets at 2600fps to maybe 300fps maximum velocity.

What do you need? Ammo in 30-30, 30-06, 22lr, 7.62x39, maybe some 9mm, 12ga or 20ga slugs or buckshot?

Maybe you'd like a chinese SKS, a saiga 7.62x39, a .30-30 rifle, a .270 remington 700, or a winchester 150 22lr lever gun. No nice gun collection is complete without a nice Citori in the safe, keep that in mind when looking at the big mean gun that is not nice to you when you feed it expensive ammo. I'd be doing your poor tired worn should a great service by removing this harmful device from your possesion.
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