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utica gunshow this weekend!

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I'll be there both days...... Working not buying :( but ill have some fun, if any of you can make it come on out, buy a new toy from me lol. I'll be at the tables with all the good stuff. We even have a .50bmg :)
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I hope that this show is better than past shows they have had @ the Aud.
Yea I work for petronis lol. The shows looks to be about 120 tables so far but lots of good stuff. Mosins starting at 114 :)
Mosins starting @114. Hope for that price they are already cleaned:cool:
Just got home from the Aud, and again the show was a bust. Prices were high and deals were hard to find. I always felt that shows were to give people some good deals, prices there were retail or higher:(
Luckily I did not drive the 1.5 hours just to find that out. Thanks!!

I only had to drive 20 miles round trip, so not bad for me..
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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