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A member of NYF has contacted me to design, print and wrap his 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 dually with a political message to promote an antiFUAC and Pro Astorino/Moss message. The timeframe and available budget for this project is extremely thin for this to happen, but with feedback, help or donations, we might be able to help this Patriot out.

The goal is to create an attention grabbing design with clear messaging to help activate the vote against FUAC. He has jotted down a number of catch-phrases to work with, but I think we need to choose carefully the message. An all antiSAFE message is not what we're looking for. Hot button issues that may spur a vote against FUAC include, but not limited to:
Common Core
Moreland Commission
High Taxes
unSAFE act
Startup NY Cronyism
College for Convicts

Phrases to include:
Cuomo's Gotta Go
The King has No Clothes
Oathbreaker of the Constitution
Nov 4 - Vote the Oathbreaker Out

The member plans on driving around NYC, lower NY area and in areas of the state FUAC plans on visiting. His plan is to head out on the road by October 6. A $500 budget barely covers my material costs, and while I want to help this member with this project, I'm seeking content feedback to minimize the design portion of the project. Any hands on assistance in the Utica/Rome area to help apply the vinyl would be greatly appreciated. Plus any monetary donations to cover costs and fuel for the member is also welcomed.

What say y'all?

Photo of our canvas:
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive parking light Automotive tire

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Why not use the Tyrant's likeness (you know the one...where he is made up to look like a previous German dictator) and have Rob made up like an American soldier opposing the ruthless oppressors of Freedom and Democracy.
Then you can use a simple slogan of "End Tyranny, vote Astorino"

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