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define an "unlawful" order?

Obama has done a number of things in his administration that are illegal and no one does anything

He has also manipulated the system and used lofty verbage to pass things that should be passed because otherwise they would be illegal.
I the 50's in the south some police chief asked other deputies to go and beat up those people due to their color or background.
Some people said yeah! but some people said Nai, no more. Same thing happened in katrina when they asked folks to search
homes, some said yeah but others who knew better said Nai.
A soldier can refuse to take an order that is clearly in direct collision with the constitution. 1st, 2nd, any of the fundamental rights.
The mayor and police chief from Louisiana at the time should be persecuted for crimes against the constitution and the american people.
I am not questioning how things are sometimes because things happened and folks are stupid, but how they should be.
Every soldier knows their obligations but also their rights, make no mistake about this. Even if they didn't take an oath to the flag they are
citizens before they are soldiers or public servants.
And they have families too so they have that vision from the other side of the fence. more thing, Bloomberg, the midget, should also be brought to trial.
1 - 3 of 103 Posts
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