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Trip to FL Keys

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My wife and I are leaving for the FL Keys with our travel trailer in a few weeks. We would like to take our pistols with us. We both have unrestricted permits for NY and PA. So I think we are good for all states except Maryland & SC. We are planning on locking them up in a lock box when we go through those states. As for FL it looks like we only need a permit to carry concealed. We are not planning on carrying in FL, just would like to have them while we are in our travel trailer. From what I have read it looks like we are good to go or I'm I reading it wrong? Or should I just skip the pistols and bring my shot gun?

A synopsis of Florida state laws on purchase, possession and carrying of firearms.PURCHASE AND POSSESSIONNo state permit is required to possess or purchase a rifle, shotgun or handgun. It is unlawful for any convicted felon to have in his or her care, custody, control, or possession any firearm or to carry a concealed weapon unless his civil rights have been restored.
It is unlawful for the following persons to own, possess or use any firearm: drug addicts, alcoholics, mental incompetents, and vagrants.
A person may not have in his or her care, custody, possession, or control any firearm or ammunition if the person has been issued a final injunction that is currently in force and effect, restraining that person from committing acts of domestic violence.
It is unlawful to sell, give, barter, lend or transfer a firearm or other weapon other than an ordinary pocketknife to a minor less than the age of 18 without his parent's permission, or to any person of unsound mind.
It is unlawful for any dealer to sell or transfer any firearm, pistol, Springfield rifle or other repeating rifle to a minor.
A minor less than 18 years of age may not possess a firearm, other than an unloaded firearm at his home, unless engaged in lawful activities.
No licensed gun dealer, manufacturer or importer shall sell or deliver any firearm to another person until he has obtained a completed form from the potential buyer or transferee and received approval from the Department of Law Enforcement by means of a toll-free telephone call. The Department of Law Enforcement shall destroy records of approval and non-approval within 48 hours after its response. The fee for the instant check shall be $8.00. Exempt from the instant check are licensed dealers, manufacturers, importers, collectors, persons with a concealed carrying license, law enforcement, correctional and correctional probation officers.
Excluding weekends and legal holidays, there is a three-day waiting period to purchase a handgun from a retail establishment. Exempt from the waiting period are concealed weapons permit holders and those trading in another handgun.

NRA-ILA | Florida
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I believe thatFlorida only recognizes PA permits for PA residents, not non resident PApermits.
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