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Transporting Rifles and shotguns through NY State by non residents

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I have read all 40 subsections of article 265 of the NY Penal code and cannot find an answer to my question. Article 265 seems to refer only to handguns and or "scary" rifles and shotguns and large cap mags. I will soon be relocating which will necessitate my traveling through NY state. I know FOPA allows for this but I also know NY recognizes FOPA only as an "affirmative" defense that can only be raised after one is arrested and charged with a felony (at least in the case of handguns and the aforementioned "scary" stuff. The rifles and shotguns I will be transporting do not fall under the Article 265 definition of Assault weapons or firearms as written in 265.00 items 3 and 22 . I would like to know whether they can be transported in the locked trunk in soft zippered cases or need to be in locked hard cases even in the trunk. Also, since they are not "firearms" would I be OK transporting more than 4 as section 265.15 item 6 states---"The possession of five or more firearms by any person is presumptive evidence that such person possessed the firearms with the
intent to sell same."
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I transport my firearms through new york (NOT NYC) in a simple case that is not locked and ive been pulled over with them in the back with no problem. The firearms cannot be loaded so ive been told. I also see people just throw rifles in the back seat with no case (not loaded) and have no problems.
Yes I've done it many times with one or two but now I'm talking about moving a quite large collection acquired over many years. And I'm concerned what it may be seen as in the eyes of the state trooper or PO that pulls me over. i'd like to be able to produce a document showing that it's legal.
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