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Training pistol question.

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I have a quick question, and hopefully some of our instructors will be kind enough to answer. As soon as my last reference gets back to me I'll be applying for my pistol permit. I have nothing against me that should prevent me from getting it, so I have around a year to decide on a pistol, holster, ammo, any kind of wardrobe changes to prevent printing or trouble drawing, and training. Unfortunatly I can't go trying out pistols untill I get my permit, but I was thinking I could get one of the training plastic replicas of a handgun I was considering (Ruger LC9) and a holster and trying it out in my house. The way I see it, If my original plans work for me I'll have a useable holster and the knowlege that it will work. If it doesn't, then I've spent $50 on a training pistol instead of the price of the actual thing. Is it a decent plan or is there a better way of figuring out what gun/holster to get? I don't want to drive out of state or break any laws.
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