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Hey gang!

It's time. Time for you to get to some awesome courses.

Rochester Personal Defense, LLC and LionsPride Training Group
CCW training? We got it. All the way from basic to advanced levels. TRUE concealed carry training. No games, no smoke and mirrors. Just pure training.

Advanced training? We cover that too. Movement, off position, cover/concealment, one handed/off handed shooting, close in shooting skills.

Red Dot courses? Of course we have those. Red Dot Skills and Red Dot Application. Two great courses to teach you how to use the dot system to be better and win your gunfight.

We bring training and skills from Sig Academy, Givens, Dave Spaulding, Blackwater/Academi, and more. We go and learn from the best in the business and then bring that info here to you.

Come see why we've been the leader in training for nearly 20 years
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