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Tom Knapp passes away....

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Wasn't really sure if this what the right spot of the forums but just had to pass along that it is being reported that Exhibition Shooter Tom Knapp, formerly of Benelli and currently was with CZ- USA passed away Today. Following the breaking news on and CZ-USA News and Views Rest in peace.....
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Wow....I'm stunned!! I loved watching him shoot..
Tom Knapp and George Jones are hanging out together right now!
Aw no way...he got me interested in Trap altogether...
I'm always sad to hear about people like Tom Knapp dying while the cast of Jersey Shore remain alive and well. He will always have a place in the 'asset' column of shooting sports history.
I think He was just on a history channel show the Other day. You could tell he loved what he was doing. Rip.
I loved watching him blast clays. He will be missed.
RIP Tom.
This was kind of a shock to me.He was one of the greatest exhibition shooters to ever walk the earth.Gonna miss watching him..
Didn't know anything about this guy. Opened this thread because my cousin's name is Tom Knapp. Very sad though, RIP.
Wow, he wasn't that old. RIP Tom. Anyone who doesn't know him can YouTube him as he was a shooting legend.
He was the first great shooter I ever saw. Sad day
Rough year for the shooting sports, Bob Munden and now Tom.
Benelli are going to miss their nr.1 sales man ever...

Bummer, watching him shoot was amazing. RIP Tom
:( :(:(
He was a f*ckin legend, now he can entertain the gods.
great shooter... it was sad to read about this
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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