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Went to take my wife to the DR....truck wouldn't start. Also, me the dumb***, my driverside window has been down since the weekend, and it rained...(Yeah, I know...smooth move EXLAX!) Now my window controller is junk, thank god I have a spare. So, I lift the hood looking for anything obvious, and didn't see anything. Kept cranking it over, checked for fuel pressure, which it had a lot I was wondering about spark, but didn't have a spark I hooked my timing light to one of the plug wires, and just with the cranking, it didn't look like the light was flashing steady...(LONG story short, I found the coil wire rubbed on the Trans. stick tube)

So, long story short, new battery for the truck and it's much better, checked out my car and it doesn't seem to have the transmission line leak I thought it did, and I got a new recliner, and it's wooden handle or push knob on the side...THANKS MOM!

Enough of my day, how was yours?
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