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I got my Ruger SR9c last week but I just got to shoot it yesterday. All I can say is WOW. This is my 4th striker fired pistol and dare I say my favorite. The pistol fits my hand very well and is a nice natural pointer for me. Also, the sights are very nice, they are adjustable and the front sight is nice and big making it easy to focus on. Before shooting, I did do a light polishing of the internals and although I have only fired 100 rounds through it, the trigger is AMAZING. I shoot it better than my Glock and my XDm even though I have had more practice with both of them. I started from about 10 feet, took it out to 5 yards and then took it out to 10 yards, would have tried a little further but wanted to save rounds for this weekend. The groupings this pistol put up were all incredibly respectable and my guess is probably due to the great trigger. All 100 rounds functioned flawlessly. While I can say that it is barely a test, I am very pleased with the reliability so far. The pistol fits my hand very well and is a nice natural pointer for me. I look forward to putting more rounds down range on a trip this weekend and will report back with updates. Sorry for the lack of pictures, my computer is acting up but will post some ASAP.
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