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The Sportsman's Association For Firearm Education Facebook And Twitter Pages Are Live:

Many of you are NRA and The Sportsman's Association For Firearm Education (S.A.F.E) Members.
The Sportsman's Association's Facebook and Twitter pages went live in January, 2013. We are using
this as a fast way to bring you legislative alerts, plus news up-dates for new gun control bills that are
brought up on the local and national level. For those that are not familiar, Sportsman Association For
Firearm Education (S.A.F.E) Is A pro 2nd Amendment National Rifle Association Affiliated organization
for NY State. The groups chairman John Cushman sits on the National Rifle Association's Board of Directors.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages will have up to date postings as well as tweets on any new gun control bills
and what you need to do to fight them. Go to our Facebook page and like us, then log into your Twitter account
and follow us.

The Sportsman's Association For Firearm Education (S.A.F.E.) Official Facebook Page:

The Sportsman's Association For Firearm Education (S.A.F.E.) Official Twitter Page:

Let's face the fact, the liberal media can spread their anti gun agenda with the simple push of a button.
They manipulate the news for their own political gain. Anti gun bigots such as Piers Morgan bank on
the fact that we can't spread the real truth behind their agenda.

One of our members posted info on the bus trip to Albany for Thursday, February 28th. The New York
State Senate will be in session. You can get further info on Facebook at the official event page at the
link below. Seats are still available for the trip. If you live in Western Nassau, The 5 boroughs or up state
New York, Please car pool with your hunting and shooting partners. Albany is only a 2 hour drive.



Paul Safe
Member The Sportsman's Association For Firearm Education (S.A.F.E.)
Member National Rifle Association Of America
Grass Roots program

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I a'm a member of this org. it does a lot on Long Island to protect your rights support the Second Admn't and
support this group of dedicated people fighting for you. We're going to Albany 2/28 join us

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You should Sue NY for using your organizations initials for the raping of the 2A. If it worked for the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) it could work for you.
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