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The ranges need a lot of TLC

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I guess This is going to do what I do the best...piss readers off with my comments. I was looking for a gun club to join and went by the Williamson and Clifton Springs have to be kidding me!! With all the big time gun owners, plinkers, hunters or just get together with fellow gun enthusiast people we have just in here, those ranges are the best that can be offered to attract new members?? Or is it of the FBI system (friends -brothers-in laws) way to keep out new members??? I have relatives that belong to the Big M and have never been there... one said his father had a life time membership that included him but he never even seen the place. I guess that is all I can say about this......just disappointed and stumped that they are in the condition they are with so many shooters in Wayne and Ontario counties
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After paying a zillion dollars in insurance there isn't much left for range improvements.
Yeah the Big M game club is pretty sketchy, check out the Shortsville Rod and Gun Club. Granted I haven't been out there in like 10 years, but it was pretty damn nice then.

There is also a pretty decent range out on Emerson Road in Canandaigua, about half a mile East of 332.
Some people just pay their dues, show up - shoot, make a mess, damage the facilities and leave - then expect the club's "management" to clean up and fix everything. So as a prospective member - are you willing to be a part of the solution and lend a hand maintaining the facility, or part of the problem by complaining and not participating?
Some people just pay their dues, show up - shoot, make a mess, damage the facilities and leave - then expect the club's "management" to clean up and fix everything.
Why are these people still members? If they're not willing to clean up after themselves, perhaps a monetary fine with a probationary period?
At the club I belong to, it's up to the members to police and maintain the grounds and range. I do quite abit now such as mowing and maintaining the equipment. I take pride in the club as I find it a privilege to have a place to shoot. With alot of new, and mainly younger members, we are seeing an increase in damage and garbage. There are other members, who belong to this forum as well, that like myself that will pick up after themselves and others and it helps alot. The only thing that can be done is to catch the offending members (or non members coming in as guests) in the act and just tell them that they need to be more responsible and that if it's found in that condition again when they are there, their membership will be revoked. It's tough to really police it, but if there are at least a few members willing to take alittle time to pick up some, the range will continue be a nice place to go and plink and such.

I've seen other clubs that are "political" and want only family members on the board and such ... not for me. Those are usually not the clubs that are enjoyable. Just what I've observed anyways. Jeff had it right. The insurance and the property taxes, light bills and so on do consume ALOT of a range's funds which is usually the dues of members. I hear ya ... it's rough sometimes, but take your time and keep searching. My guess is you'll fins a smaller club that is more enjoyable. Good Luck.
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