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We have all seen it, Cuomo and media lackies using Safe Act in stead of S.A.F.E. Act.

Now all the mothers and daddy's believe the Governor is concerned for their safety.

What about this. Suppose the Board of Elections prints up the ballots and they display the folllowing:
Working Family

Does anyone spot the subliminal suggestion that is totally bogus?

Hint: It is the Democrat Party, not the Democratic Party.
Am I out in left field or are we being lead to believe that voting for any party other than the Democratic Party is a vote against democracy?
If I go into the polls and see this can I protest the whole election?
What if we all protested it?

PS. it just may happen this way. Look closely at the sample ballot on this link: Cuomo, Teachout or Credico? Hochul or Wu? Ballot for Sept. 9 primary is simple for Cayuga County voters
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