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The Obola Plan - "The Price of Resettling Refugees in America" @ Politically Short

This is an invasion plan, plain and simple - thus, I dubbed it "The Obola Plan", and the final steps in "...the fundamental transformation of America." Nick Short has done great work in this rather short article of explaining the extensive fungal hyphae that this thing will spread throughout the USA.

Download the map and take a look at the extent of the plan. Thank G-d I live in The 'Hood In The Northern Wood", maybe the nasty weather and lack of amenities will be a buffer, but I doubt it.

Think Rubio and Cruz KNOW about this? - I don't know. But, if they don't their negligent - if they are complicit, they're both unacceptable for POTUS. All the Senators, save Sessions and a couple of more, are part of this morass.

Is Trump the solution? - IMHO, No!

Is anyone able to stop this - once again, IMHO, No!

Once again, all you have to do is "Follow the money".

The Price of Resettling Refugees in America - Politically Short
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