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The Dubious Sources of Some Supreme Court �Facts�

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The Dubious Sources of Some Supreme Court 'Facts'

Interesting read on SCOTUS and amicus briefs...
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And unfortunately they share that negative attribute with the courts here in the northeast. When Mother Jones magazine sways a jurist more than the opinion of law enforcement you know that further arguments are really just a waste of time.

I greatly enjoyed the liberal butthurt over the Hobby Lobby case. Birth control isn't a health insurance issue, it doesn't cure or treat any disease. And sex not for the purpose of procreation is by definition recreational, and you can pay for that on your own dime, not mine. Anyone with internet access, the latest I-phone and cable TV can fork up the 6 bucks a month.
If I'm forced to pay for their fun, they should be forced to pay for mine. Can you imagine the reaction if congress passed a law requiring employers to supply us ammo ?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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