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Address Delivered by Henning W. Prentis, Jr in 1943 at the University of Pennsylvania

The way to freedom has always been a rough and arduous road.
It is not for weaklings. It has never remained long under the feet of
those who seek first, last and always a full stomach-at the price
of a questing mind and an unfettered soul! Only a competent
people can build the temple of self-government. And only a
competent people can keep it standing. The floods of economic
depression, the frosts of class cleavage, the ice of apathy and the
winds of demagoguery, are potent forces of social erosion which
are never at rest. Only through constant renewal of knowledge,
faith and practice of the principles of republican self-government.....

I think what Mr Prentis is saying is, unless we teach our children to think responsibly a democtratic society is doomed to the uneducated, the uncaring and stupid

In short, today, we are doomed.
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