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New to the forum and I love reading everything everyone posts. Has been a big help getting into gun culture and has helped me learn alot.

I have been searching every weekend for a spot to target shoot. Kingston, NY has a few areas I use and the other 2 spots I have used were shut-down via a sign on a tree directly on the spot. ( These spots were around for forever until recently )

Went to Tibbits State Forest yesterday but felt weird running around with a rifle with hikers. Still explored on foot only half of it yet to find a good backstop 500 feet from a dwelling and far from road. Also went to pittstown state forest couple mins away but didnt have enough time to explore.

I always pick up casings, brass etc and I bring a wooden stick with a paper target attached, shoot about 25 - 30 shots then leave. Always have a backstop and follow all proper laws and clean up better than I found it.

I shoot some ar-10s, shotguns and I just got a American Ruger 30-06 I would like to get more comfortable with.

I know ranges are available but there is something about enjoying the outdoors and shooting at your own pace and getting more aqquainted with your firearm without being surround at the ranges.

Hopefully someone can lead me the right way, Ill be sure to leave some ammo at the spot for someone who can help!!
Thanks in advance

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