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Hey everyone! Fairly new here and have been reading hundreds of threads but can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Currently I have a SW M&P15ORT. It's a flat top and is optics ready. The barrel isn't threaded (not from what I see at least). I only fire xm855 or m193 federal brass rounds though the gun.

Ok, now the conditions are out of the way. When firing, I get a TON of fire in each shot. It's not too bad when at the range during the day but indoor range or right before sundown I notice it quite a bit and it impairs vision when firing rapidly on a target. My question is, is there a muzzle break that will restrict fire at all, not suppress. I know those are illegal in NYS.

Second question. Is there a muzzle brake available that won't deafen or knock over the person shooting next to me. Even though I know it's a gun, and guns are loud, I'm still considerate to other people shooting around me. Just my preference. It's a gun club so those things are important to me.

Third question.. But I think this is a moot point. As far as recoil, all brakes pretty much reduce recoil to some degree allowing for close rapid fire groupings.. Right?

Thanks in advance!

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