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Sw 642 airweight

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Just got a smith and Wesson airweight. It's a nice revolver to carry all the time the only problem I have is finding a nice holster for it any suggestions?!
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I used a Don Hume leather holster, bought it at American Sportsman in E. Roch. Comfortable, good retention, easy on/off.
What style holster do you want? Do you carry in waist band, in your pocket, or on your belt? I have used Uncle Mikes for pocket, and IWB, a Mika for pocket carry, and a Bianchi for on the belt, all with a J frame Smith. I use a larger size Uncle Mikes for IWB as it drops the revolver a little lower, and has more coverage for retention, as this is a less expensive holster. I just picked up a DeSantis for IWB but haven't used it yet. The Bianchi is a little different for belt carry, it uses the trigger guard for retention, and is designed for the hammerless Smiths. I will see if I have any pics, but I recommend all of these.
I picked up a cheap used pocket sleve for mine, it's really concealable, but not as eccessable as I would like it to be. I'll be looking at the next gun show for something more sencible. When the time arises and you need it, that extra second can make the difference in life or death. You'll like the 642, a nice little revolver and a decent shooter as well. It's very comfortable to carry so you'll wear it all of the time. If a gun is to heavy or a pain in the a$$ to put on your apt to not carry it, and when you don't carry it is when you'll need it. I carry every day, all day.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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