Re-Elect Joe DeBergalis

As many of you know, we, as in, as well as myself, personally, have supported NYSRPA (New York State Rifle & Pistol Association) for quite some time now. We've held raffles, advertised in their newsletter, and generally sent as many people towards them as we can. We truly believe in their organization.

I personally have trained with, and had the great pleasure to call my friend, Joe DeBergalis. He is currently running for re-election to the NRA Board of Directors. Many of you already know what a great part of the firearms industry Joe is and how much he has done to protect our 2A rights. He works tirelessly on the NRA Board now, is vice president of NYSRPA, Chair of the NRA Education & Training Committee, Chair of the AR15.COM/Rockcastle Shooting Complex ProAM, and part of many other 2A organizations.

We absolutely need more people like Joe working for our rights, and I will be voting for Joe on the NRA Board again, and you should too. If you do not know who Joe is or would like to read more about what he has done or is doing, and want more information on how to vote, visit his website at Joe DeBergalis for NRA Board 2012.

Now if we could only get Joe to write some articles for us on here! :)