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I've been in California on business for the past week, and even though I have kept up with most of the news from home it s not till I go home tonight that I got some of the details.
I am speaking specifically about what politicians voted no on the gun law. One name in particular caught my attention and that the freshmen Assemblyman James Skoufis.
I spoke to James several times on the phone during his campaign. He assured me at te time that he was a strong supporter of the 2A and an individuals right TKBA. I told him at the time that I would research him and if liked what I saw He would have my support.

Tonight I posted this to his FB page,
Assemblyman Skoufis,
You may recall that we spoke on the phone several times during your campaign. During our discussions I asked you where you stood on 2nd Amendment issues since this is an issue of great importance to me. You stated to me that were were a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a citizens right to lawfully own and use firearms.
I took you at your word and I am happy to say that you have held up your end. I will continue to support you as long as you continue to vote on issues with common sense and with the Constitution of the3 United States as your guide. Don't ever give in to the party just to be one of the boys.
As was to be expected you've come under attack by men and women that have no regard for doing what is right, Legal and Constitutionally protected.
To them I say stop regurgitating lies and false information, take the time to learn what the truth is and lastly take the time to read and understand the Constitution and the Bill or Rights.
I want to remind everyone that we need to let those that supported the 2A last week need our support now. There are negative comments posted to his FB page and I am sure there have been negative phone calls made as well.

We need to let these politicians know that they did well and are deserving of our support. If you get a moment stop by his page and let him know that his support for the 2A has not gone unnoticed and is appreciated.
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