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not sure if this has been brought up, but I have seen another forum use a standard template for all sale threads. it answers almost all questions keeps the redunant questions down. make the template a sticky so the seller can just copy and paste it, fill it out.... it could be modified as not to copy them directly if thats an issue.

pictures should be MANDATORY IMO unless it is not apllicable. you know your going to get asked for pics so just post them.... sales will be quicker and more direct with this.

here is a sample:

Want to Sell:
Item title:
Model # / Serial #:
Item Description:
Stock type:
Pick up / Ship:


Accepting Trades:

Want to Sell:
Item title: Springfield Armory Super Match M1A
Model #: SA9804
Item Description:
Caliber: .308
Stock type: McMillian, Black Synthetic
Barrel: 22" Stainless Steel Heavy barrel 1:10" Right hand twist
Accessories: Two 10 round magazines
Condition: Near perfect condition. Slight scuff in magazine well from normal use. (see pictures)
Location: Nassau-Suffolk
Pick up / Ship: Pick up only

Inspection period will be available during time of the meetup. / Meet at ____ Range to test fire.
All sales final. / Returns available up to 7 days after purchase.

Price: $2000 Negotiable / Firm
Accepting Trades: YES / NO
Pictures: [Use the Attach icon]

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I would like to see all that info in every for sale post but I don't want to micro-manage people. I don't see any big issues the way posts are made now. I'm also not going to make photos mandatory. Some people don't have a camera.

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DV, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Maybe, however, something like a sticky titled "suggestions for a successful listing" might help and save a little bandwidth. Some folks might find it useful. Personally, I'd like to see it suggested that the actual business side take place via PM/email, not out on the board. Bottom line is that, while we all love seeing our buddies score a new item, there are no controls over who else is wandering through our posts. (Prospecting burglars, anti-2A people, LEO looking for someone to inadvertantly screw up, ex-or-current wives/husbands/girlfriends with a curiosity about where the money is going....)
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