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Stevens 200 .243 FTMFW!

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Got teh scope sighted in at 50 yards, was raining heavily and ii didn't want to walk to the 300 yard range so I just to used to the gun on the 50, must say, I love it. 5 shots, flyer is 100% me
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Wow now thats some shooting! I have the same gun but in a 25-06 caliber with a Nikon Pro-Staff,what scope are you using?
Went to sight my Stevens in this year (the one mentioned above) for my daughters hunting season and it shot all over the place!Dont know if it was the 1 year old Nikon Pro Staff scope or the gun?So I dumped it back to the shop that sold it to me,let him figure it out.Luckily I picked up a Savage Axis 308 from a member here and put my other Nikon Pro Staff scope on that and it shoots awesome.Dont think I will buy another Stevens or Pro Staff,just to be sure I wont have that problem again!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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