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"My letter to the Tax relief 'Cuomission' offering up my suggestions and recommendations.
Today they released the report and there are some common sense items listed that would help New York and all of its tax payers. Many of the proposals have been suggested for years by the Assembly minority but not acted upon by the majority.
Hopefully, this time will be different. However, history has shown the downstate city majority members simply do not care what your property taxes are and they absolutely don't care about cutting business taxes.

In the end, sadly, the Assembly Democrats will stand in the way of most of the suggestions of the tax relief commission I think. I hope I'm wrong, but I think I'm right.

I was encouraged by the suggestions of the commission but really, at the end of the day, NY has a SPENDING problem which is why it requires high taxes to feed the never satisfied beast.
The commission unfortunately did not in any way address mandate relief and that is absolutely critical to helping NY grow.

The report really serves to demonize and blame the counties. This is a typical Cuomo/Alinsky move. Freeze your opponent, demonize them and isolate them. He's done it with state workers, 2nd amendment supporters, teachers, superintendents etc. and now counties. But the counties aren't the ones issuing unfunded mandates; the state is. The report claims taxes can be cut with consolidation of services and will reward tax payers in those counties that do with a rebate of the increase in their taxes. So the taxes still go up, the state still holds the money, and then they give back the increase, IF the county takes "concrete steps" to consolidate etc. No details on who decides what those concrete steps are though. At best your property taxes would not drop, they would just be frozen for two years. We all know they're already way too high. If the county doesn't cooperate, they're the bad guy and you don't get your rebate. Albany skates and the county takes the hit. SO typical Cuomo tactics.

The counties hands are largely tied by the state and 80-90% of the money they collect is already spent on state mandated programs. If we want to really cut taxes and not have them just be election year gimmicks, mandates must be cut."
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