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When the "journalist" who wrote this said "He is now 59, and indeed seems very different from that dark-haired monster with the devilish smirk." I have to disagree completely. He is the same psychopathic killer void of any emotion other than that which is self gratifying. He's a psychopath, he'll agree with whatever he has to and take whatever role has has to to achieve whatever he wants. Maybe he's even a sociopath in that he believes some of the drivel he is spewing out. He's the same attention whore he was back then. He doesn't deserve any press, he should be locked away somewhere void of human contact that feeds his ego. He stopped applying for parole because he knew he would never get it. Having an angle of being so repenting that he is sparing his victims families of further torment gives him far more attention gaining popularity than repeatedly being turned down for parole would give him. The attention he gets for parole hearings is negative. This attention is positive. He loves that some other psycho can do the dirty work and kill people while he gets to comment on it, be relevant again and get into the press.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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