Howdy, I'm cleaning out the secondary safe and have a few items I figured I would give y'all first dibs on. Located in Tompkins/Tioga county.
Items are as follows
2 mosin nagant m91/30's, one tula one Izzy (both 1943) $400 ea or the pair for 6
1 m44 mosin carbine. $400
1 French berthier MAS abomination $100 obo.
2 yugo M48 rifles. $250 ea
1 heavily sporterized BCD receiver kar98k, currently in the white, modified bolt, scope etc $300
1 Remington model 11, 16 gauge "the sportsman" made in 1938 $600 (comes with shells so you don't have to search)
I have misc ammo for all but the berthier if you need it.
Thanks for reading :)