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Slide fire stock for ar 15

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Any input on these ? Goo/ bad ?
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the search function on the upper right hand corner will yield you some threads showing this topic as beaten to death with no definitive answer accept they are said to be legally all tough a complete waste of money for what it actually is.
I have one for my AR15 and my AK47...they work exactly as described. I shoot the AR in 9mm and the AK in 223
to me they look like a good way to spray bullets inaccurately
For $300.00 ?? GULP......Not to mention it's a good way to toast a barrel.....! BUT I read that is comes with a letter of legality from the BATF....
They work perfectly. They are fun. Buy them now before they outlaw them
i just want one to put on a cheap ar just for ****s and giggles big boy toy........... LOL
or buy a lightning link. even though it costs 30% the amount of $$. when these become illegal i wonder if the old ones will be pre ban?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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