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"Group offers women chance to learn about guns," a Thursday Idaho State Journal article reports, telling reads about The Well Armed Woman program, where women learn about firearm safety and use. It's the type of story gun owners love to see, possibly because it is comparatively rare in light of how much media coverage Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action always seems to command.

Women and guns is hardly a new phenomenon. In fact, that's the name of "the world's first firearms publication for women," affiliated with the Second Amendment Foundation. There's also NRA Women, "designed for female gun enthusiasts [as] a resource for news, education, events and more," and that is backed up with NRA Women's Programs.

The New York Times admits the "rising voice of gun ownership is female," citing the increase in the number of women participating in the shooting sports, and National Shooting Sports Foundation dealer surveys showing "[g]un sales to women have risen in concert."

Sisters in arms don’t fit overwhelming media preference for Bloomberg Moms - National gun rights |

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