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I want to share my experience on how important my shooting position is. I am not a professional and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

The target below is from the F-Class match I shot last weekend at Springwater. Both targets where shot with the same rifle, same ammo and at the same time during the day. The shots taken between the two targets were 3-5 minutes apart the only difference was the shooter. The first target I was all over the place I was having a hard time getting comfortable I was “muscling” the rifle to WORK for ME and the fact I was not on target was making me flustered which didn’t help. I backed up from the rifle repositioned the rifle to point at the target and adjusted the rear bag. I got back down and squared up with the rifle and I notice I was much more comfortable. The rifle was sitting in the pocket my shoulder, my cheek weld was good and I had to use minimal pressure on the rear bag to be on target. I closed my eyes took a couple deep breathes, opened my eyes did a quick metal check of everything and went to work.

I learned from my mistakes


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