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And yet teflon shelly will come out smelling like a rose:

Rapfogel, 58, allegedly conspired with an employee of the charity's insurance broker, Century Coverage Corporation, to illegally inflate payments for insurance bills by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The extra cash was then given to political campaigns and politicians - including the powerful Assembly speaker - who would then reward the charity, and Rapfogel, with grants and payoffs.

Neither Rapfogel nor his lawyer, Paul Shechtman, could immediately be reached.
But he issued a statement after he was canned apologizing for "mistakes I have made that led to my departure."
Rapfogel's - whose wife, Judy, is Silver's chief-of-staff - was a well-known figure in city and state politics and once served on Schneiderman's advisory panel on nonprofits.
One of the city's largest social service providers, the Met Council has snared $16.5 million in state funds and at least $1.6 million in City Council grants this year - accounting for more than half its $33 million budget.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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