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Scope suggestions

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I'm looking to get a better scope for my FNH FNAR and wanted to get some suggestions from some experienced people before I fork over a bunch of money for one.
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The SWFA scopes can't be beat for the price, check the reviews they get. Have a 20x on my .308 and have shot out to 750 yards and back to 100 tracks true everytime.
I use a straight 10X40 Bushnell Elite 3200 on my M1A. It has the target turrets you are looking for and for the price, nice clear glass. 10X is all you need.
My 10x40 bushnell is wonderful! And you can shoot out to 1000yds with it. Army has been useing a fixed 10x for a long time. Same with the marines except they just moved up to a variable scope.
I really like my Bushnell 6500 4.5-30x50. With that much range in power I get everything I need for hunting and target shooting as well. Very clear optics and tracks perfectly. Optics get a little distorted around the edges above 25X but it's not an issue for me. You can get them used on E-bay for under 5 bills and with the lifetime guarrentee there really isn't any risk involved.
I'm going to have to chime in and mention again to avoid the SWFA. I bought a 10x and a 20x because everyone seemed to swear by them. The glass is horrible, and after about a year the internal tube on one seized up. Bought a Millet TRS-2 for $240, it tracked as well, the turrets made their adjustments even in cool weather, and the glass was considerably better, not to mention that it's illuminated, too. And now they're discontinued.

If you're looking for scopes and think that the SWFA SS series is good, I personally would think it's time to keep looking. If you want one, I've got a 10x and a 20x that I'd sell cheap.
I would reccommend you read my FNAR thread here, and ready my reply in this thread. I use my FNAR for Hunting and long range shooting, and it's a tack driver with that optic on it. It's got more than enough magnificaton for any hunting situation imho, and just lacks magnification for precision shooting past 600 yards.

I think the target pictures speak for themselves, as I quickly got it dialed in to a 1MOA group on it's first day out at the range. :D
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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