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Should SCOPE initiate county Chapter Law Enforcement Liaisons

  • YES

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • NO

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I'm puzzled as to why 134 people viewed the previous thread and only a handful voted in the poll.
Are you the people who didn't vote for Rob Astorino and Chris to prove they were going to act to negate the unSAFE law's burden on lawful gun owners? Seriously, nothing personal per se, but being #Pro2A in your own head and around the range is fine and all for you, but not actively working somehow to defend everyone's rights in some fashion is in a manner a selfish and ineffective way to be a part of the changes coming. Only t
hrough educating and networking with others will we be effective! The 2nd Amendment is going through an evolution of reinterpretation and redefinition whether we want it to or not. If we all don't do our part in unity of purpose and with our unrelenting opposition, then the extremely well funded and media supported disarmament movement may prevail.
Just joining NRA, NYSRPA or SCOPE is a respectable act, but seeing shooters sit back to wait for us to do the work isn't going to create the strength in numbers needed. NY 2nd Amendment Coalition's continuing successful campaigns depend on vocal support to maximise the visible power behind the argument we carry and win with. We should realize we need to reject the illusion of political correctness and make our voice heard in some small way, with some small act (Hint, hint, vote the poll.). The more of us that connect with ideas synergistically multiplies the strength and depth of our message... Someone way smarter than me stated that "Political correctness is nothing less than fascism with manners", or something similar. Personally I quit worrying what anybody thought about me long ago, and the people who are offended I think about them the same as I would a pesky mosquito..
So, explain to me how clicking your mouse on the poll didn't cross your mind... hehehe
Throw me your opinion and vote, after all I'm fighting for you, at least you could provide me with some "ammo". Actually by joining this forum I had hopes to find a unified group with some clear goals and a somewhat activist mentality; something every member could draw on as a resource for taking the battle to the public and as a source of inspiration for not giving in to the immense pressure to keep us demonized , quiet and weaken our resolve. I extend my hand to everyone here in hopes everyone will come together to make our voice deafening to anyone who opposes us.
Voting the poll is the first step, and a little experiment in understanding the level of seriousness in this population of #Pro2A members...It will be interesting to see how many of you members rise to the challenge, and how many go one step further and reply to the thread... I hope you realize you are a member of a population of gun rights supporters that number in the millions in this state, and unified our strength can't be ignored or challenged. We will have freedom as long as we are willing to protect it. It's not about our ability to own AR's and standard magazines, etc... This is the fight for our future generations, as they will be subject to the radical decisions of activist courts whose "Living Constitution" views undermine the simple blueprints laid down in the founding documents... Few are looking 2, 10, 20, 50 years down the road to preserve the American dream forever... We hold a big responsibility for this as the 2nd is the cornerstone holding all our rightful freedoms safe from just dissolving away, like has been happening incrementally under our trusting noses. Finally the stench of decay woke us up, now unity is the order of the day..
We're all together in this leaky boat together, it'd be nice if we all took turns bailing it out..

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