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Savage 10ML-II issues

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My father and I Went to the range today and we brought his Savage inline. This is the first time it has been shot in at least 5 years. We had a problem with the bolt getting stuck after each shot. We had to end early due to us not being able to open the bolt after the 5th shot. when I removed the breech plug I tried test fitting a primer in the breech plug and sure enough it is extremely tight. I don't recall having this problem before. the primer pocket is not dirty so that cant be the problem, Is it time for a new breech plug?
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What primers were you using? They can be sensitive to some brands of primers. 209 primers have different diameters and can cause problems.
Try a couple of different 209 primers. I use Winchester or Remington STS 209's and have not had a problem with my Savage.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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