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Announcing a CMP sanctioned shoot (registered with CMP) down in Springwater on 12JUL. We are about 40min South of Rochester.

As a sanctioned match you can be (if so requested) awarded a CMP certificate valid for ONE of the requirements to purchase ammo/rifles direct from CMP. All of the requirements for such purchases can be found HERE.

(NOTE: CMP was once able to ship directly to the home of a NYS resident. This is no longer the case, and ammo/rifles must be shipped to an FFL)

40 round CoF (plus sighters):
-10 rounds Slow Prone 10 min
-10 rounds Rapid Prone 80 sec
-10 rounds Rapid Sit/Kneel 80 sec (**discounted for official CMP results**)
-10 rounds Slow Off-hand 10 min

(the normal course of fire is 30 rounds, but we shoot the extra rapid sitting/kneeling for those NRA competitors looking for that practice)

We use the SR-C target at 190 yards (a bit short, but hard to move a cliff!)

Registration at 0930 and 1st Shots at 1000.

Match fee $10

Contact: [email protected]

Mapquest link: MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map

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