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SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffs (Editorial; Albany Paper)

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SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffs

SAFE Act at fault for Remington layoffsI have been deluged with constant exposure to the commercials for StartUp, extolling the efforts of the governor and the Legislature in the creation of new industries and jobs in New York state.
In light of this, I find it interesting to note that the Remington plant in Ilion has been forced to lay off 10 percent of its workforce by relocating the Bushmaster rifle and the R1 pistol lines to its new plant in Huntsville, Ala.
In my opinion, the layoffs at the Remington plant are a direct consequence of one of the governor's machinations in the proposing and passing of the SAFE Act.
In my judgment, the governor and the majority of the New York State Legislature must assume full responsibility for the layoffs at the Remington plant due to the fallout from the effects of the SAFE Act.

FUAC and your delusional faux leadership.
Ditto for your progressive buddies.
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the Only children Cuomo cares about are the children of the future

He wants them to read his name in history books as POTUS, case closed!
Every tyrant has his day.
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