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The key problem with snub noses is very few people shoot them much- they get the gun put a half box of ammo through it and never shoot it again.
with practice they can be very accurate ( I can hit a man size steel plate at 100 yards no problem with mine) but I shoot a lot of revolver ( at least 5k a year) unless you want to pocket carry, I suggest an all steel j frame. I carry in belt or ankle holsters and the few extra ounces don't matter in carry to me, but make the gun much more comfortable to shoot. And the gun you shoot more you will be more accurate with and in a fight with your carry gun you will want all the help you can get!
a dedicated 22 target pistol should be the first or second handgun everyone should buy.imo - I understand today's focus on defensive guns but 22's teach you fundamental skills that many people can't or won't bother to learn with center fires . In this post safe act age I would tell people a steel n frame for carry (3 inch barrel rather than two) and a smith model 63 or 17 or 617 22 for range use. In autos I don't know what to say until we see who is going to provide a long term solution to the seven round mag thing. I know of no good true target 22 that has 7 round mags easily available
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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