Both revolvers (frames) were police trade-in’s fitted with Clark 6” barrels. Top revolver is a Model 64-5 square butt, the lower a Model 10-7 round butt. Both were used as “action pistol” revolvers, which had, moving target bases and red dot scopes removed.

Can be used for PPC or action pistol. The “aluminum” under barrel barricade thumb locks can be worked into any configuration. Cylinders weren’t swapped but each was selected to ensure a uniform and snug .005 barrel/cylinder gap. Model 10 has a stainless barrel, Model 64 has a blue steel barrel.

Have some minor cosmetic issues but both are 100% mechanically excellent and shoot extremely tight 50 yard groups with lead 38 special loads. They are tight and right! Never had jacketed ammo fired through them. Internal actions are basically stock, timing and cylinder lock is right on.

6” Clark barrels
cylinder/yoke locks
trigger stops
18 degree forcing cone
underlug thumb locks
barrel forward finger stops
chamfered cylinders

Your choice $500 each…any shipping/fees etc extra. Legal FFL transfers only.

The only reason I’m selling them is because I have switched to “7 shot L frames” and have no use for these now. Might be able to help with speedloaders and holster. Might even consider doing some interesting trades, i.e. tools, streetrod stuff etc?

Champlain, NY