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S.C.O.P.E. Membership

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I am a new member here and a friend from "South of the Border" in PA.

I first heard about SCOPE as it related to their yard signs. I have a cabin in northern PA, just south of Corning. Seems like those SCOPE Repeal the SAFE Act signs were everywhere.

I learned who they are and what they do and now I am doing all I can to help them. They are a great organization that is taking the fight to those who want to strip away our rights.

Membership is cheap ($25.00) and they could use our help. If you are not already a member please take a minute to visit their sight and see what they are all about. A one year membership will go a long way in the fight to repeal the SAFE Act.

Join SCOPE - S.C.O.P.E.

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They are good people - volunteers. They just pushed out a White paper (The State's Case in NYSRPA vs. Cuomo: What the State Wants You to Believe About the [UN]SAFE Act). It's lengthy but worth a read.
That was indeed a good read. Sickening really, but a good read. Thanks for posting it.
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